Employing Process

To ensure you secure specific and right workers, we not only identify the most qualified candidates for the job but also assist you in all phases of the hiring process.

Medical Tests

This is conducted by the best hospitals or Medical Institutions which are accredited by the Department of Labor on each and every personnel intending to work abroad. Any special medical examination is also done as per the requirement of the client.


We offer the following options for consideration by our valued clients leaving the entire procedure in the hands of a team of experts of Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. who in turn will be fully responsible for providing you the best workers. In the event of the employer wishing to carry out the selection through their team of professionals, we welcome them to visit our office in Kathmandu, Nepal providing them with every possible assistance for carrying out tests or interviews.


Immediate feedbacks on the availability of the required category of workers are retrieved from our database that is updated and supplemented periodically. At times it also might be necessary for us to advertise in the local media to help meet and locate workers precisely of your choice. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the work specification and match the candidates to meet the employer-employee equation to avoid any disappointments later.

Orientation & Travel Arrangements

We also arrange for orientation program related to profile, labor laws of the country of employment, code of conduct etc. to the candidate after the final selection including their complete travel arrangements.


We strive and endeavor to improve our system to provide even better service to the client; we keep in very close contact with every client even later, getting feedback of our workers.

Successful Projects

Universal Hotels & Tourism Projects (Bahrain) 2014-Running Hospitality business workers
Green Grass Trading Group. (Doha, Qatar) 2013-Running Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Worker
Action Hospitality, (UAE) 2013-Running Trade workers
FBM-KNM FZCO, (UAE) 2013-Running Mechanical helpers
Khalid Cement Industries complex (Qatar) 2013-Running Trade workers, drivers, Engineers
Qatar Asphalt Co. (Qatar) 2013-Running rade workers, Driver Operators
Naseef Restaurant (Bahrain) 2013-Running Restaurant workers
Al Majed Group (Doha) 2012-Running Semi-skilled and skilled manpower
Village Trading Group (Doha) 2012-Running Heavy truck, trailer drivers
Venetian Macao Resort Hotel 2012 Security officers (Ex-Army men)
Cargo ships through Britannia Maritime Security (UK) 2012-Running SCTW trained armed guards
Radisson Blue Hotel (Doha, Qatar) 2011-Running All categories of hotel workers
Ghanem Al Thani Holdings (Doha) 2010 – Running Unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower
Vision Inland Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) 2010-Running Cargo workers
Olive Group (Iraq) 2010 Security officers (Ex-Army men)
Dehdar Securities (Dubai) 2010 Security guards (Ex-Army/Police)
Wooden Bakery (Qatar) 2018-Running Restaurant & Bakery Workers
Skewer & Doner (Kuwait) 2016-Running Restaurant Workers

About Us

Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd., a specialized employment agency was established seeking results that are appropriate for employees and employers around the world hand in hand. We deliver, opportunities and solutions of recruitment of manpower “RIGHT PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.” To attain organizational perfection, our reliability is visible in all our activities, right from our excellent relationship with our associates to the appropriate manpower we supply. We also follow the authentic and strategic process, allowing deployment of able workforce within genuine budget.

Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd., is a company that is staffed with bright, innovative and dedicated professionals whose objective is to earnestly serve our clients and to also seek and pursue the next great idea. The main objective of Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has always been to provide the workforce of excellent quality and efficiency. So far, we have helped innumerable unemployed people by turning them into a workforce resolved to bring a change in their own lives as well as companies which need them. With high experience in delivering services, we cater to world-class services for numerous companies around the globe. Our target is to build up an ingenious, proficient and groundbreaking presence in the business of manpower supply. Our core vision and values are the framework for direction and priorities in decisions, developing opportunities and building relationship and building relationships both locally and internationally. Our values are the guiding principles, which inspire and support us in our daily work to achieve the best solutions for our people and our clients. Continue reading About Us

Reason to recruit from Nepal

The experience gained over the years in the foreign employment, it has been seen that many countries have shown their interest in hiring them Nepalese skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower because of the following reasons.

Nepalese workers are well known for their, hard work, dedication, loyalty, sincerity, faithfulness & above all BRAVERY, Nepalese workers are well experienced and are tolerable to any working climatic conditions. Nepalese workers are comparatively cost effective.

Formalities and procedures for recruitment are very simple, easy and fast.

Almost every category of manpower is readily available