Successful Projects

Company Year Category of workers deployed
Universal Hotels & Tourism Projects (Bahrain) 2014-Running Hospitality business workers
Green Grass Trading Group. (Doha, Qatar) 2013-Running Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled Worker
Action Hospitality, (UAE) 2013-Running Trade workers
FBM-KNM FZCO, (UAE) 2013-Running Mechanical helpers
Khalid Cement Industries complex (Qatar) 2013-Running Trade workers, drivers, Engineers
Qatar Asphalt Co. (Qatar) 2013-Running rade workers, Driver Operators
Naseef Restaurant (Bahrain) 2013-Running Restaurant workers
Al Majed Group (Doha) 2012-Running Semi-skilled and skilled manpower
Village Trading Group (Doha) 2012-Running Heavy truck, trailer drivers
Venetian Macao Resort Hotel 2012 Security officers (Ex-Army men)
Cargo ships through Britannia Maritime Security (UK) 2012-Running SCTW trained armed guards
Radisson Blue Hotel (Doha, Qatar) 2011-Running All categories of hotel workers
Ghanem Al Thani Holdings (Doha) 2010 – Running Unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower
Vision Inland Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) 2010-Running Cargo workers
Olive Group (Iraq) 2010 Security officers (Ex-Army men)
Dehdar Securities (Dubai) 2010 Security guards (Ex-Army/Police)