Our Services

We understand people and how to match them with jobs where they can be productive. SO, we share our knowledge with our valued clients to help them manage their workers carefully and effectively. Company, of every size globally, is provided innovative workforce solutions to meet the fast changing challenges. We are well equipped with every resource to help clients maximize their efficiency and productivity for which Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd., is always dedicated in providing every possible environment, support and cooperation that will help every client to achieve their goal.

All employers of this century are broadening their efforts, embracing a technology-savvy and highly diversified workforce. We, at

Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. strongly stand behind the creation of vast range of programs that are most carefully and appropriately designed to help people developed their workforce as required.

Categories we supply

Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. recruits and supplies workers in following categories.


  • Engineer: Civil / Mechanical / Computer / IT / Telecommunication / Electrical
  • Doctors: Physicians / Surgeon / Gynecologist / Physiotherapist / Ortho & Dentist etc.
  • Architect: Designers / Planners
  • Teachers & Professors


Documents Required

An agreement between Dharma Overseas Pvt. Ltd. and the employer is to be signed clearly and adequately stating the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of workers from Nepal before the execution.

Demand Letter
Employer is to formally issue a Demand Letter in our favor stating the job categories, number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duration of contract and other facilities for workers such as Food, Accommodation, Medical, Insurance, Overtime, Transportation, Leaves, Air Passage etc.


Employing process

To ensure you secure specific and right workers, we not only identify the most qualified candidates for the job but also assist you in all phases of the hiring process.


This is conducted by the best hospitals or Medical Institutions which are accredited by the Department of Labor on each and every personnel intending to work abroad. Any special medical examination is also done as per the requirement of the client.